5 Things to Consider Before Filling for Divorce

Divorce is a huge commitment, and sometimes we let our emotions make a decision we’ll later regret. Before you tell your spouse you want a divorce, you need to truly think about why divorce has entered your mind and if it’s really the best option for everyone involved. Here are five things you should consider before filing for a divorce.


  1. What is making you unhappy?

If you are thinking about divorce, it’s because you feel unhappy with your marriage. Think long and hard about what is making you unhappy, and then determine if there’s a viable solution. For instance, are you unhappy because you no longer do anything romantic with one another? If so, then plan a romantic getaway, even if it just means heading to a local hotel without the kids and indulging in room service and love making. Sometimes your unhappiness with the marriage can be adjusted, so think about finding a solution to the problem before filing for divorce.


  1. Have you communicated with your partner?

It’s possible that you’re unhappy with something your partner simply hasn’t noticed, so don’t let a lack of communication be the reason your marriage ends. For instance, if you are feeling unhappy, talk with your partner about it and see if there’s a solution you can both figure out together. Maybe you just feel too busy, so having each other work harder to make more time for one another can be the solution you need. Plus, sometimes your partner simply needs to hear your concerns in order to make an effort, so open your mouth and talk about it together.


  1. Do you need to make a personal adjustment?

AS you get older, your needs and thoughts and desires change, so sometimes you may be unhappy with yourself, and this can affect your marriage. If you need to make a personal change in order to benefit your marriage, then do so. Maybe this means changing careers or taking on a new hobby. Whatever it is, figure out what can make you be the spouse your partner deserves and create the marriage you want, and then move forward.


  1. Have you tried counseling?

Professional marriage counselors are out there for a reason, and they have helped many couples work through their issues and get back into a healthy marriage. Before you file for divorce, consider letting a professional help guide your relationship back to normal. This allows you and your spouse to talk openly to one another with the assistance of a third party, and it ensures you can find the solutions you’ve been searching for in a healthy way.


  1. Are you still in love?

Being in love is the hub that holds your relationship together, but love doesn’t always last forever. If you are still in love with your partner, then the marriage is worth fighting for to keep the both of you together. However, if you are no longer in love with your partner, then staying together will only create more friction between the two of you.


Marriages will come across their tough times, but opting for divorce as an immediate solution is not always the right thing to do. Be sure to fully consider your relationship and your own feelings before choosing divorce as an option. If you feel as if your marriage can be saved, then do what you can to make it work. However, if you find that your marriage simply cannot survive, then talking to a lawyer and making the decision to get divorced may be the final solution to make.

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