Things to Consider Before Filling for a Divorce

When people are getting a divorce, far to many allow emotions to take the place of rational thoughts.  These negative emotions that the individual is feeling can cause them to jump quickly into a divorce instead of rationally thinking it through.  The divorce process is something that should be done slowly and is not a process that should be taken lightly.  If you do not have everything ready before you file for a divorce there could be negative consequences for you.

Many people make the mistake of rushing into a divorce rather than taking it slow and finding out all of the information that could be helpful to them.  Before you file, you will want to make sure that you consider the following as it could pay off big in the end.


Consult an Attorney or Company That Specializes in Divorce

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when going through a divorce is trying to do everything on their own from beginning to end. If you feel you don’t have the funds to hire an attorney, you can always consult with organizations that specialize in family law and helps you affordably. It’s very important to make sure you file all your documents in time and don’t miss any deadlines since the court weigh the documents very heavily in family law. If you feel your husband or wife will file for divorce, get ready to file a response with 20-30 days depending on your county. The last thing you want is to procrastinate and have to hire a legal professional last minute


Know Your Financial Situation

It is very important that you know where you stand financially and equally important that you know where your spouse stands.  One of the things that divorce takes care of is distributing the assets fairly.  In order for you to get what you deserve, it is important that you know everything that is owned.


Know What You Own

You have to know what you own.  This will include property, vehicles, artwork, pension plans, belongings, and inheritances that were obtained while you were married.  If something was obtained prior to marriage there was no prenup then you might be entitled to part of those items as well.


Know What You Owe

You also need to know what type of debt there is.  Sadly during a divorce it usually does not matter whose name the debt is in.  In most cases even if your spouse has debt that you do not know about, you are going to be responsible for half of it.


Have Income Information

You also need to make sure that you have accurate and clear income information for both you and your spouse.  Make sure that you gather the proof of income with tax statements, bank account balances, and other information that you can find.


Make a Budget

It is a good idea to make a budget of what your expenses are going to be once you are divorced.  This is vital information to have when you go to court as it will give the judge a picture of whether or not you are going to need help with your bills.


Close Joint Credit

If you have credit that has been issued in both of your names, close these accounts.  Then apply for credit in your own name if you need it.


Decide If You Should Stay or Go

Before you file for the divorce, take into consideration whether or not you should stay in your home or if you should move out.  Consider if you can make the payments and pay for all of the bills on your own salary and if it is really something that would be affordable for you. You should also consider your option for joint and physical custody of the children. The last thing you want is for your kids to get damaged by the divorce so it’s important to have a game plan ahead of time.



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